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Post-Jam Release: Oath of Balance

oob cover My experimental first person ARPG from December’s Ludum Dare has now received a complete overhaul, and is much closer to my original vision for the game.

Latest Release: Spearhead

spearhead cover My newest release, Spearhead is a fast-paced arcade with a charming synth-pop aestheic. Compelling and polished, released Google Play.

Notable LD: Potion Seller - Ludum Dare 42

ld42 cover My best Ludum Dare to date, I once again worked with a friend to develop this relaxing yet compelling potion crafting game.

Notable LD: Eldritch Engines - Ludum Dare 41

ld41 cover A unique twist on the theme of “combining two incompatible genres”, I worked in a team of three to develop this Lovecraftian Kart Racer.


blokkade cover A 3D Android Arcade game I developed over the course of a month in the Summer of 2017, released onto the Play Store.

Dungeon Generator

dungeon cover An in-browser Javascript application for developing D&D and Roll20 dungeon templates.


spinsanity cover A difficult arcade game released for Android mobile devices on the Play Store, released in the Summer of 2016.

Ludum Dare Entries

ludum dare cover A collection of nine (and counting) small games, developed in 72 hours for the Ludum Dare game jam.