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Dungeon Generator

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Developed in: p5.js

Date: August 2017

This was a personal project of mine I developed over a weekend. An avid player of games in the dungeon-crawler genre, I had always wanted to try developing a Dungeon Generator. However, instead of making yet another Dungeon crawling game, I wanted to develop a tool for the Dungeons & Dragons community.

Dungeons & Dragons is a tabletop pencil and paper roleplaying game, but is often played online. Often, maps of dungeons are needed, and my program very quickly generates good templates to begin using. The dungeons can then be edited using the mouse, and can then be exported as an image. An additional export option allows users to save their dungeon at a size that will perfectly fit the map grid on the website Roll20. Roll20 is one of the most popular services used to play D&D online, but their map creation tools are severely limited.


The program itself is developed in p5.js, a library for javascript. The major benefit of using the generator is that the images can be sized specifically to fit the grid on Roll20.net, an online application and the most popular way of playing D&D online, which itself lacks any dungeon generation capability:

The live version, which is still regularly used, can be found on polyrogue.com

The git repository can be found here.