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Eldritch Engines - Ludum Dare 41

Eldritch Engines cover

Developed in: Unity (C#)

Date: April 2018

The Ludum Dare Jam is a 72 hour game jam, where you must develop a game inspired by a certain theme in the allotted time frame. This was actually my tenth jam, and whilst I am accustomed to working solo, this was actually the biggest team I had ever worked with. Developing the game with two others - a professional programmer and professional artist friends from a game studio in Winnipeg, they helped make sure this was one of the most memorable and educational Ludum Dares to date for me.

The April 2018 theme was “Combine two incompatible genres”, and we quickly decided to take a unique twist and mix an incompatible stylistic genre with game genre, instead of two game genres like everyone else was doing. The concept of a Lovecraftian Kart Racer was too amusing to pass up.

Whilst the other programmer took the lead, I focussed mainly on developing off of his code, implementing slipstreaming and speed boost pads, as well as taking the lead with camera controls, learning lots about lerping and smooth damping in the process.

This was also my first time using Git for a Ludum Dare! We used a mix of command lines and Git Kraken, which was a great learning experience, especially on the importance of being careful with your branches!


The game is available for free on the LDJam website. We plan to continue to develop it further and submit it to PC Gaming platforms.

The repository can be found here.