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Potion Seller - Ludum Dare 41

Potion Seller cover

Developed in: Unity (C#)

Date: August 2018

Video Demo Here!

The Ludum Dare Jam is a 72 hour game jam, where you must develop a game inspired by a certain theme in the allotted time frame. My eleventh jam, this was by far my best entry I have ever made. Once again I worked with my Canadian programmer friend Cameron Penner, but since April (and definitely since LD39 in August 2017) my experience with Unity had far improved and I contributed equally this time.

The August 2018 theme was “Running out of Space”, and whilst it took a while to brainstorm an idea we both agreed on, once we collectively conjured the idea for a game based off of being the oft-forgotten fantasy merchant NPC in your favourite RPG, everything was planned out and went very smoothly.

The main reason the game went so well, was that we deliberately planned and scoped it out very minimally. We made sure that the base game functions would completed within the first 24 hours, so that the remaining time we had could be spent on polish and refinement. This allowed us to make the game actually feel finished by forcing it to also remain simple.


One aspect that really challenged our game design skills under pressure was creating a balanced set of recipes that were challenging and used the base ingredients equally. The end graph was quite something!


The game is available for free on the LDJam website. We are currently developing it further for an Android release, then a planned Steam/Steam VR release. This was, to date, my most successful entry. We scored 15th Overall and Fun, and 16th for our great Audio, out of over two thousand entries. We are really proud of what we achieved in just three days.


Here is is one developer’s first time playing Potion Seller (Youtube video, no commentary)

Since the game is now being developed further for commercial use it is currently closed source.