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Oath of Balance - Ludum Dare 43 Post Jam Edition

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Developed in: Unity (C#)

Date: December 2018/June 2019

Video Demo Here!

The Ludum Dare Jam is a 72 hour game jam, where you must develop a game inspired by a certain theme in the allotted time frame. This was my twelfth jam.

The December 2018 theme was “Sacrifices Must Be Made”. I worked with the same partner as the previous jam, however due to being in the middle of my studies, I only had approximately 36 hours to make my game. My partner had significantly less time, so it was upon me to spearhead development.

Due to the sheer lack of time, I decided to use this more as an opportunity to experiment and try something I had not done before. We ended up making Oath of Balance, a first person wave-based action rpg. It required creating a melee combat system from scratch, which was implemented using Unity’s Animator, which I had scarcely used before. I learned how to use it effectively.


The original jam game features two different enemy types, which can be sacrificed at either the God of Life’s or God of Death’s altars. Doing so grants you different buffs. If the player survives to the final round, they must face the Lordreaper, a giant golem with a scythe, and a life draining beam that requires making use of the environment to avoid.

After my studies, I developed the game further to include the other major mechanic to doubly add to the theme, that was intended to be added during the jam; both altars have an approval meter. It is replenished by receiving sacrifices to that altar. If the bar runs low, then the god will manifest itself and punish you in some way. I also revamped the combat system to utilise a stamina system, fixed a major bug, and added the Flameskull, a third type of enemy that requires blocking its impact, or maneuvering it into a pillar.


Both the original jam entry and finished game are available for free on the Itch io page.